Some Info on Ferrari TPMS and Setup

By: Dan Rosales

433 Mhz (Euro): Beru Gen 1 RDE 001 Light Gray, Beru Gen 1.5 RDE 001 Orange
315 Mhz (US/Cdn): Beru Gen 1 RDE 004 Dark Gray, Beru Gen 1.5 RDE 004 Dark Brown

The Gen 1 sensors seem to last about 5 years on Ferraris and the Gen 1.5 about 8 years. So if replacing sensors, try and find Gen 1.5s.

Ferraris use 43 mm valve stems, the same size as most Mercedes cars.

TPMS sensors can be set up one of two ways: 

1) a technician can set them up using an SD-2/3, which does not require the car to be driven

2) the tire pressure calibration button (or similar name) can be depressed in the “on” ignition position for five seconds before starting and the system will calibrate itself after a 20 minute or so drive. You will see a CAL or similar indication after depressing the button for five seconds. Note: your Ferrari technician can tell how much battery life remains on each TPMS sensor using the SD2/3. He can also set the TPMS ECU to a different tire type if you change to a tire that requires different tire pressures than those originally fitted.

If you are receiving a TPMS warning light and want to see if it is just TPMS sensors, try adding an additional 5 psi of tire pressure and do a calibration and see if the lights go out. If they do, all you need are TPMS sensors. If they do not, drive the car for 10-20 minutes to warm the tires and raise tire pressures further, stop and turn off the ignition and use your calibration switch one more time and see if the system will calibrate. If the lights go out with the higher tire pressures from heating, all you need are new TPMS sensors. You will lose this calibration once the car cools down, of course. The higher tire pressures make it easier for the TPMS sensors to read and transmit a pressure. If neither attempt results in a calibration, see your technician for further analysis.

Ferrari TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEMS or TPMS are available exclusively at TPMSDIRECT.COM We carry TPMS for all models Ferrari that are factory equipped with TPMS. We only stock original equipment, the same sensors that are in your Vehicle now. We can take the guesswork out of what sensors you need.  The TPMS system in the Ferrari is a lot less complex then it may seem and many models use the same sensors. Click here to go to the sensors on our page. Feel free to email us with questions or inquiries at and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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