Chevrolet Camaro TPMS Recalibration

Tire Pressure Sensors for the 2010-2012 Chevrolet Camaro LT LS and SS Models are available at Now you can check the pressure in your tires from the comfort of the drivers seat, and with the rainy season coming up I am sure this will come in handy! Now that you have your sensors because of upgrading wheels, or replacing broken ones. We are going to go over how to reset/recalibrate the sensors. You can do this without any special tools, and without a trip to the dealership.  Save time and money, and feel free to email our customer service representatives at

Press the Menu button on your turn signal lever

  1. Change the display on the dash until you see the tire pressure information
  2. Press the Set button on the end of your turn signal lever to start the
    recalibration. It ask you if you would like to start the recalibration, select yes.
  3. The horn will sound twice informing you the process has started
  4. Start with the driver front tire and release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound
  5. Go to passenger front tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once
  6. Go to the passenger rear tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once
  7. Go to the drive rear tire, release 3-4 PSI, the horn will sound once, and
    then twice to signal sync is complete
  8. Check the dash to confirm the Service Tire Monitor System message has
  9. Refill the tires to the proper pressure

This will work for 2010 and 2011 but not the new 2012 model.


TPMS DIRECT is proud to offer both aftermarket and genuine OEM replacement parts for a wide variety of imported and domestic cars and trucks. In our list of parts we include genuine OE brand Chevy Camaro parts, it means it may be possible for you to get the exact same OEM (Original Equipment Manfacturer) Camaro TPMS you’d get at the Chevy dealer or from your Chevy mechanic, but for a lot less money.


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