Ford TPMS – By Dan Rosales

TPMS Direct is constantly reeducating ourselves on the basics, and troubles we come across in TPMS. We pride ourselves on accurate fitment and availability of product.
TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System is fitted to Ford cars to provide a warning of low pressure on any one of four or five tires on the vehicle (five if TPMS fitted in spare). The sensor measures the pressure and temperature in the tire and transmits this data along with the unique ID of the TPMS to the tire pressure monitor ECU/receiver. If the TPMS ID is logged with the SJB then it is compared with the placard pressure and if under pressure then a warning light is lit on the dash mounted display.
The manufacturers of the Ford TPMS are Schrader ElectronicsVDO and Lear. VDO and Lear manufactured the banded sensor whilst Schrader manufactures the valve stem TPMS.

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