Mini TPMS Explained

If you have a MINI with the TPMS system (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and for one reason or another need to get another set for a new set of aftermarket wheels (the wheels will need to be TPMS ready) this is what you will need to make it happen. Kit includes 4 Sensors and 4 Valves specific to the MINI. All 2007 and newer MINI’s have TPMS and the way you can tell is to look at the valve stems; they will have a 1/2″ cap and they’re usually a light grey valve stem as opposed to normal black or chrome sleeved valve stem.

The sensor / transmitter that works with the new Tire Pressure Monitoring System Valve (TPMS) is BERU RDE-008. Like its parent company BMW, Bavarian Motor Works, the Mini Cooper runs the same part number and operates off the same frequency.  If you choose to install aftermarket wheels on your 2007-09/2009 MINI Cooper and Cooper S , and your MINI has the new TPMS system, you will need to install these TPMS Sensors along with the Valves in your new wheel.

Your aftermarket wheels must be designed to properly accept direct TPMS sensors. Its a flat spot in the safety hump, directly behind the valve stem hole. Check with your wheel supplier to confirm compatibility. For 3 piece and custom built wheels there is a second hole designed for TPMS mounting, usually drop center or more towards the inner of the barrel. Installation is still the same on 3 piece wheels.

The TPMS system works with a pressure-sensor module within the valve stems of all four wheels that sends continuous radio-frequency signals to a receiver, and the system informs occupants when the pressure is low. You can now check your tire pressure from inside the cabin.


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