BorgWarner Beru Company History


Julius Behr und Albert Ruprecht establish a spark-plug factory.


Development and production of the first glow plugs for starting cold diesel engines

Further development of the products in the areas of ignition technology and diesel cold-start technology


BERU‘s first rapid glow plug shortens the preheating time to 20 seconds.


BERU registers the first dual-coil glow plug for a patent, the preheating time is only 5-7 seconds.


Start of internationalization: A production plant is opened in Tralee, Ireland, followed by many more international and national production and sales facilities.


Development and production of ignition coils at the headquarters in Ludwigsburg


Market launch of the slim 5-millimeter glow plug for diesel engines with direct fuel injection


Initial public offering: from family firm to stock corporation


BERU Electronics GmbH is founded in Bretten for the development and production of electronic components and control units.

Joint venture BERU-Eichenauer is established to develop and produce PTC auxiliary heating systems.


Product innovation: market launch of the first electronically controlled diesel instant-start system (ISS)

Alliance with Lear Corporation for the joint development of tire-pressure monitoring systems for American carmakers


US automotive supplier BorgWarner becomes BERU‘s majority shareholder.


Official inauguration of the extended research and development center (RDC) in Ludwigsburg


Market launch of the new Ultra X Titan spark plug.

The BERU Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) starts series production in Europe.


After successful squeeze-out BERU will belong in full to the American automotive supplier BorgWarner Inc.

BERU is being converted into a limited liability company (GmbH) and has been trading under the name BorgWarner BERU Systems « since December

BorgWarner BERU Systems presents the new corona ignition “Ecoflash”.


BERU Systems finalized the complete takeover of the BERU Eichenauer joint venture project in Kandel.

At the new BorgWarner (Thailand) Ltd. factory in Thailand, BorgWarner BERU manufactures ISS glowplugs for an Asian automotive manufacturer.

The intelligent pressure sensor glow plug (PSG) is included in the retail program.

BERU Systems develops new high-voltage ceramic registers with electronic control systems for high-voltage PTC cabin heaters.


BERU Systems presents new generation of intelligent, compact Plug-Top ignition coils.


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