Direct and Indirect TPMS

What you need to know about Direct TPMS and Indirect, ABS Based TPMS systems.

Another common question we get is regarding direct and indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Indirect TPMS works with your car’s Antilock Braking System’s (ABS) wheel speed sensors. If a tire’s pressure is low it will roll at a different wheel speed than the other tires. This information is detected by your car’s computer system, which triggers the dashboard indicator light. For Vehicles using the ABS system there is no actual sensor in the wheel. An although most companies have moved to direct TPMS system there are plenty of cars on the road using the indirect system. As the same ( ! ) Icon will appear on the dash. You can always verify with us directly if your car is equipped with sensors or not, we will not steer you in the wrong direction! We carry TPMS sensors for all makes and models, as well as service kits andvalves to keep your sensors working properly.

We offer sensors at a fraction of the price of the dealership. From single piece replacements, to full setups for your winter wheels we have got you covered. All of our sensors are OEM (Orginal Equipment Manufacture) and are the same exact sensors that are in you vehicle right now. We do not offer generic or tune to fit sensors. Our sensors come from major players in the automotive equipment industry including: BeruSiemensSchraderTRWLearContinental, and Pacific. We are keeping the integrity of the vehicle industry and your factory setting in tact. TPMSDirect is your number one source for sensors, we welcome wholesale accounts and ship worldwide.





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