RV / Truck / Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Are you looking to retro-fit a tire pressure monitoring system to your RV, Truck, or Trailer?

We now offer a TPMS system for RV’s, Trucks, and Trailers that run on up to 22-wheels.

RV/Trailer/Truck tire pressure monitoring system monitors both pressure and temperatures for motor homes and trucks along with towed vehicle or trailer if needed.
Base System Includes the Following:
  • monitor that can handle up to 22 wheels at up to 180psi.
  • (4) sensors have CR1632 replaceable batteries. (No need to purchase batteries separately)
  • complete with Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • 2 versatile Monitor mounts.
  • Monitor power cord.
  • Hard wire cord
  • 4 Wheel Sensors for up to 180 PSI pressures
  • 4 Sensor locking screws, wrench and batteries.
  • Operating instructions.
Alarms can be preset by the operator so visible and audible alarms can warn the driver of  pending deflations, over pressures and high temperatures etc. The alarms and monitoring are sent wirelessly real time to the cab allowing the operator to monitor tires that are out of their vision. This system has wheel sensors with extra power to reach monitor to sensor distances of up to 45 feet.

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