Handle Bar Mount Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Looking to Retro-Fit TPMS sensors to your motorcycle?

We believe safety should always come first when operating a vehicle, whether it be a sedan, big-rig, or motorcycle. TPMS Directnow offers a handle bar mount motorcycle tire pressure monitoring system that is compatible with most makes and models. 
This tire pressure monitoring system mounts right in front of the rider and has high impact alarm LEDs notify the rider of any problems in real time so immediate action can be taken. 
Also measures tire pressures and tire temperatures and has alarms that can be set by the operator for different front and rear tire settings.
Sensors weigh 10 grams and batteries can be replaced and mount directly on tire valves. 
Easy Installation that takes less than 10 minutes.
Monitor is powered by a single AAA battery.
Includes the following: 
  • Real Time High Visibility Display with battery
  • Adjustable Handlebar Mount
  • 2 sensors with batteries and sensor locks
  • operating instructions

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