Conti VDO Debuts TPMS Catalog

Continental has released its VDO 2012 TPMS Replacements Part Program catalog and launched an online quiz to help aftermarket distributors, tire dealers and service providers test their knowledge about TPMS.
The VDO TPMS Replacement Parts Program has been expanded with additional coverage of OE sensors, service kits, and also includes stainless-steel wheel bands for valveless sensors.
The 2012 Catalog includes an application section for tire pressure sensors, an illustrated buyer’s guide with individual listings for OE sensor assemblies, REDI-Sensor multi-application sensors, service kits, and wheel bands. It includes application details, photos, torque-specifications, contact info, installation tips, service kit guide, make/model index, OE cross reference, REDI-Sensor cross reference, and REDI-Sensor producti info.
Product information and the new TPMS quiz are posted on the VDO REDI-Sensor website.
“This quiz is a fun way to make sure that our aftermarket parts and service community is up to speed on some basic TPMS knowledge. As more and more TPMS-equipped vehicles come in for service, the need to know more about the systems and their service requirements is vital from both a maintenance and profitability standpoint,” said Steve Landis, VDO TPMS product manager.
Test your TPMS knowledge! Take the Redi-Sensor Quiz:

New Truck TPMS launched by Continental Tire

On March 22nd, 2012, Continental Tire America announced the launch of ContiPressureCheck, a new tire pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial trucks. 
The ContiPressureCheck constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on the vehicle and provides real-time, on-demand tire status information. This information warns the driver of problems that could become a more critical issue later. 
Sensors, communication system, and data processor are all integrated into a single module that is housed inside a rubber container and glued to the inner surface of the tire. The sensors continuously monitor air pressure and tire temperature and sends the data wirelessly to the truck’s ECU. The ECU then processes the data, saves the warnings, and sends them directly to a display in the driver’s cab. The driver can then utilize this information to take corrective action, be pro-active, and avoid breakdowns before they happen. 
“ContiPressureCheck is a unique product that brings together all Continental’s expertise in tires, inflation, incab displays, sensors and monitoring technologies for a direct system that not only provides advanced, accurate pressure data, but also address fleet concerns about fuel economy and operating cost reductions,” said Clif Armstrong, Continental Tire America’s director of commericial vehicle tire marketing. “Since a tire’s contained air pressure naturally increases as a vehicle moves, it can be difficult to tell if a hot tire is underinflated. Without some form of temperature compensation, a hot tire that is underinflated might appear to be fine, because the contained air pressure is at or above its cold inflation pressure.”

Tomkins Sells Schrader Division to Madison Dearborn Partners for $505 Million

UK-based Tomkins has agreed to sell its Schrader division to a Chicago-based affiliate, Madison Dearborn Partners LLC, for a sale price of $505 million cash plus a small minority equity interest in the parent of the purchasing company. 

Tomkins is jointly owned by Onex Corp. (OCX.TO) and the Canada Pension Plan Investment board. 

Schrader is ones of the world’s leading manufacturers of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), valve products, tire hardware, and related original equipment and aftermarket accessories. 

The transactions may close in the second quarter of 2012.

How to Asses Your OE TPMS Battery Life

There are more than 75 million TPMS-equipped vehicles in North America with an estimated 300 million installed sensors, according to Schrader International Inc., a TPMS sensor maker. The company referred to an independent study that forecast that the amount of sensor replacements due to battery expiration is expected to increase over the next few years.
“You can assess the status of the sensor power by looking at how many miles are on the vehicle and how long they’ve had the vehicle,” Kevin Rohlwing, sensior vice president of education and technical services for the Tire Industry Association (TIA) said. “Certainly, if you’ve got a vehicle that’s over five years old and over 100,000 miles on the original sensors, then you’re probably looking at a system that will start failing in the near future.”
“You can assess the status of the sensor power by looking at how many miles are on the vehicle and how long they 
According to Paul Wise, director of product management and marketing for Schrader, “If the mileage of the vehicle is close to the 100,000-mile mark, it is worth suggesting to the vehicle owner that all four sensors can be replaced at once so as to save them time. The benefit isthat the owner does not have to return to the shop several times to replace sensors as they electronically fail due to end of battery life.” 

The Importance of Service Kit Replacement


Schrader promotes the use of its service packs when servicing the TPMS during tire changes and rotations. The company said each time a clamp-in sensor is removed from the rim hole, the grommet, nut, nickel-plated core and cap should be replaced. Snap-in sensors also should have their valves replaced each time the sensor is removed from the rim hole.

The reasons service pack replacement is “critically important,” according to Schrader, include:


  • Rubber grommets replace old seals that may have taken permanent compression set;
  • The valve stem nut replaces the old nut which may have damaged threads caused by over-torqueing or other mistreatment;
  • Nickel-plated valve cores are used to prevent galvanic corrosion between non-similar metals (brass and aluminum), causing a brass core to seize into an aluminum stem;
  • The valve cap with seal prevents dirt and moisture from entering the sensor and also acts as a secondary pressure seal. Old valve caps may have a seal that is compressed set or missing; and
  • The washer replaces the old washer, which may have been deformed during initial installation.

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Huf to acquire Beru TPMS business

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (Dec. 1, 2011) Vehicle components maker BorgWarner Inc. has agreed to sell its Beru tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) business to Huf Electronics G.m.b.H., an automotive electronics maker based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The sale includes a plant in Bretten, Germany, Beru Electronics G.m.b.H., which employs approximately 230 people. Completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and could be completed by early 2012, Huf said.

Terms were not disclosed, but BorgWarner said it expects to book a loss of $10 million to $15 million on the transaction.

BorgWarner acquired the Beru TPMS business in 2005 as a small piece of its purchase of the Beru diesel cold start and ignition systems business. The product is known as the Beru Tire Safety System (TSS).

While not disclosing Beru Electronics annual sales, Huf Electronics said the business holds a significant market share in Europe, where the industry expects TPMS likely will become mandatory from 2014 onwards.

“We are planning to expand this segment even further and will use synergies to our existing product range,” said Huf Group CEO Ulrich Hulsbeck. “The product spectrum of Huf and Beru Electronics match quite well.”

While the TPMS product technology has been developed continuously and meets the upcoming strict European standards, the firm said, it departs from BorgWarner’s focus on powertrain technologies.

Beru TSS is OE on vehicles from Audi A.G., BMW A.G., LamborghiniLand RoverMaseratiMercedes-Benz A.G.,Porsche A.G., Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen A.G.

Huf Electronics is a unit of Huf Hulsbeck & Furst GmbH & Co. KG. of Velbert, Germany, a producer of mechanical and electronic key systems, lock sets, steering locks and remote control systems for the automotive industry. Huf Group reported sales of $1.1 billion in 2010.

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