Pacific Industrial Co.

Pacific Industrial Co. supplies OE TPMS sensors to some of the world’s top consumer and commercial vehicle manufacturers including: Toyota Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Corporation, Honda Motors Corporation, and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Here is a brief business overview of Pacific Industrial taken from Pacific’s company website:

“Since its foundation in 1930 as a venture business aimed at producing valve cores in Japan, Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. has been growing as a manufacturer specialized in tire valves. Our share of tire valves and valve cores in the Japanese market is 95% and we enjoy more than 20% of world markets. As a manufacturer specialized in utilizing advanced processing technology, we supply stamping and resin products for automobiles to Toyota Motors Co., Ltd. and other major automobile manufacturers.
In response to globalization of the market, we have established our manufacturing operations in the U.S.A., Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and China, becoming a major contributor to the automobile industry around the world by utilizing our proven technologies gained over the 75 years of tradition since our foundation.
We developed the “tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)” in 2001. Installation of these in vehicles has recently become mandatory under the laws in the United States, and our TPMS has been installed in vehicles since then. With its new core technology and highly advanced manufacturing capability, Pacific Industrial is aiming at becoming the “only one supplier” of unique products in the automotive industry.”

Pacific Industrial Co. TPMS

“Smallness, Lightness, Low Cost and High Reliability are realized.
The product which we developed based on the technologies we have acquired through tire valve and control device businesses is TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which is installed in vehicles. With the enactment of the TREAD Act in the U.S., installation of direct type TPMS by 2007 in automobiles is mandatory in the United States and, therefore, we have high expectations for TPMS to grow into our new core product. We will pursue further evolution of this system by realizing Smallness, Lightness, Low Cost and High Reliability specifications.”

Pacific Industrial Corporation’s major customers include:

TPMS Direct sells OE Pacific TPMS sensors for Acura, Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Infiniti, Nissan, and Lexus.



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