The Importance of Service Kit Replacement


Schrader promotes the use of its service packs when servicing the TPMS during tire changes and rotations. The company said each time a clamp-in sensor is removed from the rim hole, the grommet, nut, nickel-plated core and cap should be replaced. Snap-in sensors also should have their valves replaced each time the sensor is removed from the rim hole.

The reasons service pack replacement is “critically important,” according to Schrader, include:


  • Rubber grommets replace old seals that may have taken permanent compression set;
  • The valve stem nut replaces the old nut which may have damaged threads caused by over-torqueing or other mistreatment;
  • Nickel-plated valve cores are used to prevent galvanic corrosion between non-similar metals (brass and aluminum), causing a brass core to seize into an aluminum stem;
  • The valve cap with seal prevents dirt and moisture from entering the sensor and also acts as a secondary pressure seal. Old valve caps may have a seal that is compressed set or missing; and
  • The washer replaces the old washer, which may have been deformed during initial installation.


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