New Truck TPMS launched by Continental Tire

On March 22nd, 2012, Continental Tire America announced the launch of ContiPressureCheck, a new tire pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial trucks. 
The ContiPressureCheck constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of each tire on the vehicle and provides real-time, on-demand tire status information. This information warns the driver of problems that could become a more critical issue later. 
Sensors, communication system, and data processor are all integrated into a single module that is housed inside a rubber container and glued to the inner surface of the tire. The sensors continuously monitor air pressure and tire temperature and sends the data wirelessly to the truck’s ECU. The ECU then processes the data, saves the warnings, and sends them directly to a display in the driver’s cab. The driver can then utilize this information to take corrective action, be pro-active, and avoid breakdowns before they happen. 
“ContiPressureCheck is a unique product that brings together all Continental’s expertise in tires, inflation, incab displays, sensors and monitoring technologies for a direct system that not only provides advanced, accurate pressure data, but also address fleet concerns about fuel economy and operating cost reductions,” said Clif Armstrong, Continental Tire America’s director of commericial vehicle tire marketing. “Since a tire’s contained air pressure naturally increases as a vehicle moves, it can be difficult to tell if a hot tire is underinflated. Without some form of temperature compensation, a hot tire that is underinflated might appear to be fine, because the contained air pressure is at or above its cold inflation pressure.”

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