Tire Dismounting Guidelines


1) Remove the valve cap and core and deflate the tire completely. Then remove any balancing weights and position the sensor/valve at the 6 o’clock position. Use the bead shovel to unseat the exterior tire bead. It may be necessary to rotate the valve to the 12 o’clock position and reapply the bead shovel to completely unseat the tire bead. Next, apply the same process to the interior tire bead.
2) Apply lubricant to the outer bead and rim, and align the valve with the left side of the mounting head.
3) Insert the tire tool and lift the outer tire bead onto the mounting head and rotate the table to dismount the outer bead from the rim.
4) Re-position the sensor/valve as in step two and insert the tire tool at the left of the mounting head, and rotate the table to dismount the inner bead. Now, remove the tire.
*Important Reminder
There are two things that can damage the sensor when mounting/dismounting a tire: Tools and the tire beads.

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