How to adjust your tire pressure

Get the most out of your car and its tires by making sure your tire pressure is filled to your vehicle’s specifications. Tire pressure can be the difference maker in the overall performance of your vehicle, and if your pressure is low, you may not be utilizing your vehicle to its full potential. Air compressors and pumps are easily accessible. You can purchase a portable air compressor from your local auto parts store or you can fill your tires at the gas station. Some stations charge 50 cents for air, but sometimes you can get an attendant to turn on the machine for free.
1) Turn on the air compressor. You will hear the motor of the compressor working.
2) Remove the valve stem caps and place them somewhere visible or in your pocket.
3) Press the head of the hose down on the valve stem. If you hose has a lever, press down on it to release air. If it does not, simply push down on the hose until you feel air flowing through the hose into the tire.
4) Check to see when you have enough air pressure in the tires by releasing the inflation lever. The pressure gauge on the hose will indicate how many pounds of pressure are in the tire. If the tire is under the specified pressure, press the head of the hose back onto the valve stem and add more air until you have reached the specified amount. If the tires are overinflated, press down on the little rod inside of the tire valve to relieve pressure.
5) Adjust the pressure in the rest of the tires the same way.
6) After inflating all the tires, check the pressure in each one to confirm proper inflation. Adjust accordingly.
7) Twist valve caps back on valve stems.
*Make sure you adjust the air pressure when your tires are cold or have had at least 30 minutes to cool down from previous driving.
Try to make it a habit to check your tire pressure once a month. Doing so will increase the lifespan of your tires, improve comfort and handling, and increase your fuel economy. Above all, checking your tire pressure on a regular basis will help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.
Feel free to shoot us an email with any questions or inquiries you may have about tire pressure, road safety, and tire pressure monitoring systems.

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