Schrader Unveils New TPMS Solution for Heavy Duty Vehicles: OTR

Schrader has announced its new solution to heavy-duty vehicle tire pressure monitoring: the Off-The-Road (OTR) tire pressure monitoring system. This TPMS system is designed to measure and transmit critical tire performance data in heavy-duty machinery such as: port vehicles, construction vehicles, earthmoving vehicles, and mining vehicles. Tire pressure and temperature data is transmitted to both the drivers and fleet managers, allowing for better on-site operational performance and critical decision making. 

To learn more about Schrader’s OTR tire pressure monitoring system, please go to:

Properly inflated tires can decrease tread wear, reduce fuel consumption, optimize vehicle performance, and most importantly, improve road safety. Visit for the latest in TPMS technology, industry news, and know-how. TPMSDirect takes the headache out of TPMS.

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