TPMS Seminar to be featured at 2012 Sema Show

This year’s SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association) Show will feature a TPMS seminar. TPMS experts from all aspects of TPMS service will participate in a panel and cover various TPMS related topics. 


If you plan on attending SEMA, be sure to check out this seminar. We guarantee that you’ll walk away having gained some invaluable knowledge.

When: October 30, 10:00am-11:30am 

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Upper South Hall S232

This year’s panellists include:

  • John Rice, 31 Inc.
  • Ermald Muca, ATEQ Corp.
  • Scot Holloway, Bartec USA
  • Jean-Christophe Deniau, Ph.D., Continental Automotive Systems US, Inc.
  • Steven Landis, Continental Automotive Systems US, Inc.
  • Brian Rigney, Dill Air Controls
  • Mark Becker, Pacific Manufacturing Ohio Inc.
  • Tony Davenport, Schrader International
  • Joe Donehue, Tiremetrix LLC
  • Ros Rodrigues, TRW
  • Stuart Ferguson, Alligator
  • Russ Fuller, Revolution Supply-Oro-Tek TPMS
  • Carl Wacker, Schrader Electronics
  • Andy Forsberg, OTC/SPX
157 Viking Ave.
Brea, CA. 92821
(714) 482-3996

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