Where can I get my TPMS installed and programmed?

So you just bought a brand new set of TPMS sensors for your vehicle. TPMSDirect recommends taking your vehicle to a local tire shop or service bay to have the new sensors installed and programmed. Most service bays now incorporate TPMS service and maintenance in its standard procedures and are well equipped to install and program TPMS sensors for various vehicle makes, years, and models.


Taking your vehicle to a dealership is definitely another alternative, but with dealership visits, come dealership service charges…Dealerships can charge up to two times of what local service bays and tire shops charge. Finding a specialist in your area is a cheaper alternative to taking your vehicle to a dealership and it’s also a good way to pump money into your local economy and support your Mom and Pop businesses.

TPMS Sensors can also be installed and programmed in the comfort of your own garage. However, please note that certain vehicles require manufacturer certified tools when programming new TPMS sensors to a vehicle.

TPMSDirect is your #1 source for the latest in original equipment tire pressure monitoring sensor technology, programming and diagnostic tools, and various TPMS accessories.

157 Viking Ave.
Brea, CA. 92821

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