Schrader Releases 33200 433MHz WAL EZ-Sensor Programmable TPMS



Schrader has added a new feature to its line of EZ-Sensor programming tire pressure monitoring sensors. The Schrader #33200 433MHz wireless auto-locate or “WAL” EZ-Sensor uses a proprietary and patented Schrader technology that supports new OEM designs, as well as adds to EZ-sensor’s ease-of-use and additional platform coverage for the aftermarket.

Wireless auto-locate, or “WAL” is a unique Schrader electronics protocol that allows the vehicle’s TPMS system to automatically locate and identify each TPMS sensor’s specific location. WAL capability has multiple benefits, including allowing the user to bypass performing a TPMS relearn procedure after tire repair, tire change, sensor replacement, wheel rotation, and new winter/summer tire changeovers. The ability to replicate Schrader OEM technology makes the 33200 433MHz WAL EZ-Sensor the first in its class.

To learn more about the Schrader 33200 433MHz WAL EZ-Sensor, please click here or visit is your #1 source for the latest in original equipment TPMS technology, TPMS accessories, and technical help. Please email us with any questions or inquiries at


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