Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Repair Kit

TPMSDirect is getting ready to stock Ken-Tools revolutionary TPMS repair tool: Ken-Tool reCore. 

What makes the Ken-Tool reCore so special? It allows a technician to repair TPMS sensors without even taking the tires or sensors off the vehicle. What was a headache to fix before is now made easy with the reCore. The reCore eliminates the need to replace an entire sensor module, rebalance the wheel, and reset the TPMS sensor.

The tool is an all in one fix. It provides everything you need to drill out the corroded valve core, tap new threads, and install a new, corrosion proof valve core and stem. Installing a new valve stem with the tool can take as little as 10-15 minutes.  Time, money, and stress are avoided. 

There are over 400 million sensors on the road today. Take advantage of this growing market and implement the Ken-Tool reCore system into your standard procedures. 

Stay tuned for more updates on price and availability. 


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TPMS Corrosion

TPMS Corrosion is an issue that plagues TPMS sensors across the globe. Corrosion can lead to broken valve stems, cracked nuts, and ultimately, a useless sensor unit. Why is corrosion such a common issue among vehicles equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors? There are many answers to this looming question. Some service bays are afraid of damaging the sensor when changing tires, so they avoid touching it all together. Some service bays don’t have a source for TPMS sensors and accessories. And some service bays simply don’t incorporate TPMS service into it’s standard procedures and have no idea what to do when it comes to replacing TPMS sensors or service kits. 

How do you prevent corrosion from getting the best of your tire pressure monitoring system? Have your service kit replaced every time the tire is removed from the rim. This will preserve your TPMS sensors and allow them to function to its maximum potential. Negligence can result in hundreds of dollars worth of broken sensors, damaged tires, and potentially put the driver and those around him in dangerous situations.

Customers should ask service technicians about service kit replacement and be assertive about changing the service kit on every tire that needs a wheel replacement. Service bays should diagnose each TPMS sensor when servicing a vehicle and changing the tires. Informing the customer about the importance of changing the service kit is key. Keeping your customers educated and well informed is good customer service and can be the difference maker in whether or not your customer stays or goes to somebody else.

If you’re looking to replace your TPMS service kit, stop by TPMSDirect. We carry service kits for all vehicle makes, years, and models factory equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors. Email us with questions and inquiries at

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