OE TPMS Sensors VS Aftermarket Sensors



Original equipment is the way to go. OE TPMS sensors boast a 5-7 year battery life, have a 1 in a million failure rate, and auto shops across the nation are more educated on OEM reset/relearn procedures, installation procedures, and compatibility. OE sensors are tested out before they are distributed and come with a manufacturers warranty. Information on OE TPMS sensors can be found from OEM retailers, car forums, dealerships, and auto shops.

Aftermarket sensors have an inconsistent battery life. Some users report 30 days while some report 30 minutes. There is a lack of information and technical know-how regarding aftermarket sensors. The functions of the sensors are also inconsistent, with the tire pressure warning light coming on at random times and malfunctioning after air has been added according to vehicle specifics.

The decision is simple. Go OEM. Learn more here

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