TPMS Relearn Procedures

We’re adding TPMS relearn/programming procedures for new and older vehicles on a daily basis. We recently just added relearn/programming procedures for specific Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles factory equipped with the Schrader 20107 TPMS sensor and Mini Cooper vehicles equipped with the Huf RDE008 TPMS sensor. 

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TPMS Sensor Batteries

We receive tons of questions asking about the batteries installed in TPMS sensors.

What type of batteries do OEM sensors use? Can a depleted TPMS battery be removed and replaced? How do you know when a TPMS sensor’s battery has failed? What is the life expectancy of a TPMS sensor? 

Most TPMS sensors are powered by a 3-volt lithium ion battery. Some TPMS sensors use a 1.250-volt nickel metal hydride battery. The battery is encased in the sensor’s molded plastic housing. A battery that is running low on or is depleted requires the replacement of the ENTIRE TPMS sensor assembly.

There are many types of original equipment manufacturer tire pressure monitoring sensors being factory installed in different automotive makes and models. What is common between most system is that sensors are designed to transmit tire pressure data to the vehicle ECU at regular intervals…..Click here to Read on or go to:

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Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles to be Equipped with Schrader TPMS

Schrader has reached an agreement with Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Ltd., one of India’s largest vehicle manufacturers. Schrader will provide its integrated pressure-sensing TPMS technology and advanced “snap-in” style sensor to Mahindra Reva’s electric vehicle e2o. Mahindra Reva has plans to export the TPMS-enabled e2o to the European market in 2014. 
“We are very proud of our continued growth in the Indian market, and the positive relationship we’ve developed with Mahindra Reva. We source a majority of the leading car companies globally and to provide our TPMS technology for next generation electric cars of India’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer is great news for our company. This order is a clear validation of our strategy to provide the best in TPMS technology to our customers in all global regions.” 
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Original Equipment Manufacturers Choose Direct TPMS

The direct tire pressure monitoring system utilizes wheel mounted sensors that accurately gather pressure and temperature data from the vehicles tires. This data is then interpreted by the vehicles ECU and a potential low tire pressure warning is issued if one or more tires is underinflated by 25% or more. 

The indirect, ABS-based TPM system interprets tire pressure data based on the rotational speed of each tire. 

So why do original equipment manufacturers choose direct TPMS over indirect? Read on…

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The Best TPMS Practices for Shops and Service Bays

Is your shop or service bay involved in the TPMS service/retail industry? Gain an edge on the competition by incorporating the 4 following TPMS practices in your standard procedures: 

1) Learn 

  • Educate your technicians and managers about all key aspects of TPMS including typical sensor life expectancies, benefits of TPMS to the customer, different sensor styles and options, the need to service sensors regularly with service packs. 

2) Equip

  • Ensure that you have the right TPMS programming and scan tool so you can test, copy, create sensors, access OBD connections, and view critical relearn procedures

3) Communicate

  • Ensure all shop personnel are aware of your procedures and expectations to ensure you service TPMS as designed by the OE manufacturer.

4) Make TPMS a profitable part of your business 

  • There are always opportunities to increase your revenue! 

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2013 Schrader EZ-Choice TPMS Roadshow Tour: July 15-August 29

The 2013 Schrader EZ-Choice TPMS Roadshow Tour is set to kick off July 15 in Boston, MA, and conclude August 29 in Winnipeg, MB.


The EZ-Choice Roadshow will travel across North America and feature a training agenda that includes several TPMS retail and service related topics. If your shop plans to incorporate TPMS service/retail into its standard procedures or is looking to gain an edge on the competition, then you won’t want to miss the 2013 Schrader EZ-Choice Roadshow.

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Schrader Announces EZ-Choice TPMS Education Campaign

Schrader has launched its “Make the EZ-Choice” TPMS education campaign. The campaign is aimed at assisting aftermarket automotive channels in a wide range of TPMS related topics. Schrader also plans to embark on a North American road-show to provide hands-on service and sales training for automotive service technicians and sales professionals.

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