Huf RDV Valve Stem Measurements

Be in the know before switching from OE wheels to aftermarket. Depending on the size of the wheel, you may need to change the Huf RDV valve stem. We’ve compiled a list of RDV valve stem measurements to help you determine the correct valve for your wheel. You can purchase the Huf RDV valve stem here


RDV001 GEN1  Gen 1 TPMS Valve 43cm long
 RDV002 GEN1  Gen 1 TPMS Valve 48cm long
 RDV003 GEN1  Gen 1 TPMS Valve 49cm long
 RDV004 GEN1  Gen 1 TPMS Valve 51cm long
 RDV005 GEN1  Gen 1 TPMS Valve 56cm long
 RDV006 GEN1  Black Gen 1 – TPMS Valve 43cm long
 RDV007 GEN1  Titanium Gen 1 TPMS Valve 43cm long
 RDV021 GEN2 Gen 2 TPMS Valve 43cm long
 RDV022 GEN2 Gen 2 TPMS Valve 48cm long
 RDV023 GEN2 Gen 2 TPMS Valve 49cm long
 RDV024 GEN2 Gen 2 TPMS Valve 51cm long
 RDV025 GEN2 Gen 2 TPMS Valve 56cm long is your #1 source for the latest in OEM TPMS technology, industry news, and technical know-how. 

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TPMS Sensor and Service Kit Replacement

When Should I Replace My TPMS Sensor?

TPMS sensors need to be replaced if the sensor assembly fails or is damaged. Some TPMS sensors are manufactured as one-piece units, with fixed components. If your one-piece TPMS unit appears to be damaged, the entire assembly will need to be replaced, even if the damage is only on the valve stem.

One-piece sensors are slowly being phased out and replaced by TPMS assemblies with removable/replaceable valve stems and service kits.

If your TPMS assembly appears to be damaged, please contact us at and we’ll help you determine the correct replacement TPMS sensor or TPMS components for your vehicle.

When Should I Replace My TPMS Service Kit?

The TPMS service kit usually contains the following components: valve core, valve nut, seal, seal washer, and valve cap. The service kit needs to be replaced every time a tire is serviced.

  • Fitting new tires
  • Puncture repairs
  • Changing rims
  • Electronic failure
  • Damage during tire service
  • Damage by road hazards
  • Valve core or nut seizure

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HUF TPMS Sensor Blowout!

We’re offering great deals on the Huf RDE001 (433MHz), RDE008 (433MHz), and RDE011 (433MHz) OE TPMS sensors.

Supplies are limited! Contact us at for more information!

Huf RDE001
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Volkswagen

Huf RDE008
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: BMW, Mini

Huf RDE011 (supersedes the Huf RDE007 and RDE010)
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Volkswagen

All Huf sensors include the GEN 2 RDV021 valve stem and service kit. 

ImageImage Image 

The Best TPMS Practices for Shops and Service Bays

Is your shop or service bay involved in the TPMS service/retail industry? Gain an edge on the competition by incorporating the 4 following TPMS practices in your standard procedures: 

1) Learn 

  • Educate your technicians and managers about all key aspects of TPMS including typical sensor life expectancies, benefits of TPMS to the customer, different sensor styles and options, the need to service sensors regularly with service packs. 

2) Equip

  • Ensure that you have the right TPMS programming and scan tool so you can test, copy, create sensors, access OBD connections, and view critical relearn procedures

3) Communicate

  • Ensure all shop personnel are aware of your procedures and expectations to ensure you service TPMS as designed by the OE manufacturer.

4) Make TPMS a profitable part of your business 

  • There are always opportunities to increase your revenue! 

For more details, please click here or go to:

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Continental Releases 2013 VDO TPMS Catalog

Continental Commercial Vehicles and Aftermarket has released its VDO 2013 TPMS Replacement Parts Catalog to assist retailers and service bays in TPMS installation, parts replacement, and other TPMS related services.

Included in the catalog is a wealth of Conti/VDO TPMS information including:

  • the latest in VDO OEM and aftermarket TPMS sensor and service kit application data
  • Application data for Domestic, European, and Asia Spec vehicles. 
  • TPMS Service and installation guides 
  • Illustrated buyer guides 

For more information, please go to:



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Myers Tire Supply Introduces Interactive TPMS Education Kit

Myers Tire Supply Distribution Inc. has introduced its Interactive TPMS Education Point of Purchase Kit. This comprehensive package is designed to assist salespeople, service bays, and tire shops in educating the consumer about the various benefits of TPMS and why the TPMS service kit should be replaced anytime the sensor is removed from the wheel. 


The TPMS Education Kit includes a counter top display, 100 consumer brochures, and an informative wall poster. 

For more details and ordering information, please go to:

TPMSDirect is your #1 source for the latest in OEM TPMS technology, industry news, and technical know-how. 

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Featured Item: Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System

We are now taking orders for the remarkable new TPMS service tool: Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System

ImageThe Ken-Tool reCore extends the life of broken tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) when galvanic corrosion has damaged the valve stem and core. TPMS sensors can be repaired on the vehicle without having to dismount the wheel and tire. A time and money saver for both the shop and customer! Essential for any repair bay that services TPMS!

The Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System includes the following:

  • 12 TPMS reCore Sensor Savers
  • TPMS Valve Core Torque Tool (preset at 4-in-lbs)
  • High Speed Dual Cutter Countersink Drill Bit
  • Precision Tap
  • Tap Holder with T-Handle
  • Bottle Ken-Lok Thread Sealant
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Blow-molded Plastic Storage Case

Click here to purchase the Ken-Tool 29980 reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System Starter Kit (12-Pc)

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Bartec Launches Consumer TPMS Education Package

Bartec USA, a major player in the tire pressure monitoring system industry, has released a new Consumer TPMS Education Package. This package is designed to help tire dealers and service bays better explain the need for TPMS and the importance of proper TPMS maintenance.


The Consumer TPMS Education Package includes several point of sale materials:

  • Counter Mat
  • Mouse Pad
  • Wall Poster
  • Large Window Banner
  • Two versions of consumer brochures
  • A countertop display
  • A comprehensive reference book

“Bartec’s goal in developing this kit was to build knowledge and confidence and improve on the abilities of technicians and counter people alike. Using this consumer kit in your tire shop or service center will help consumers better understand TPMS and what is required.”

Scot Holloway – CEO of Bartec

Has your shop incorporated TPMS service into its standard procedures? Are you ready to take your level of understanding to the next level? TPMSDirect has what you need to get started. Contact us at for more information. 


Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Repair Kit

TPMSDirect is getting ready to stock Ken-Tools revolutionary TPMS repair tool: Ken-Tool reCore. 

What makes the Ken-Tool reCore so special? It allows a technician to repair TPMS sensors without even taking the tires or sensors off the vehicle. What was a headache to fix before is now made easy with the reCore. The reCore eliminates the need to replace an entire sensor module, rebalance the wheel, and reset the TPMS sensor.

The tool is an all in one fix. It provides everything you need to drill out the corroded valve core, tap new threads, and install a new, corrosion proof valve core and stem. Installing a new valve stem with the tool can take as little as 10-15 minutes.  Time, money, and stress are avoided. 

There are over 400 million sensors on the road today. Take advantage of this growing market and implement the Ken-Tool reCore system into your standard procedures. 

Stay tuned for more updates on price and availability. 


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Looking to replace your TPMS Service Kit?

Did you know that everytime you remove a tire from the rim, the TPMS service pack needs to be replaced?

Click here to learn more about TPMS service kits and recommendations

Find out which service kit is right for your vehicle at TPMS Direct.


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