TPMS Education is VERY Important!

There are four service areas that are recommended best practices for TPMS:

  1. Servicing the customer before the sale
  2. Servicing the customer during the sale
  3. Servicing the customer during vehicle service
  4. Servicing the customer after the sale

Customer education can only be achieved if service technicians are up to date with the latest in TPMS information and training. Before any sales can be made, technicians need to practice with TPMS programming and relearn tools and successfully know how to perform a pre-service inspection. During a sale, it’s important for technicians to education customers on the importance and benefits of TPMS and TPMS service kit replacement. After the sale, technicians need to verify that the tire pressure monitoring system is working properly, and to educate the customer on what the system does and what to expect when tire pressure is over or under-inflated and when the TPMS warning light is on or flashing. 

Save time, cut costs, and retain your customers by keeping your repair bay up to date with the latest TPMS news and technical know-how. 

Please contact us with any TPMS question and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

157 Viking Ave.
Brea, CA. 92821
(714) 482-3996 

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