ContiPressureCheck: A New Truck TPMS Technology Released by Continental

Continental Tire the Americas LLC has released its ContiPressureCheck commercial truck TPMS technology in North America.

Contipressurecheck large

The ContiPressureCheck is designed to monitor, display, and alert the driver of any sudden changes in tire inflation and temperature.

Such technology should be an essential part of fleets across the continent. Overall driving costs can be greatly reduced in commercial trucks equipped with the ContiPressureCheck system.

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TPMS Legalities and the Importance of TPMS Education

In 2011, the Tire Industry Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got together to address scenarios that tire dealers and service bays commonly face when performing service on vehicles with dead or defective TPMS sensors. One of the major scenarios that service bays across the nation encounter is a matter of cost and the customers willingness to replace one or more defective TPMS sensors. Without the proper training and education, technicians and staff may have a difficult time explaining the importance of TPMS and why replacing defective sensors is beneficial to the customer. Due to the lack of TPMS training, some service bays simply remove the sensors and deactivate the system all together. A decision like this puts both the customer and service bay at risk. If the customer gets into an automotive accident that can be attributed to under or overinflated tires, the service bay can be held responsible for neglecting to properly service the vehicle’s standard safety equipment. It is in fact, illegal to disable a TPMS system, regardless of whether replacements are cost-prohibitive for the customer.

Title 49, U.S. Code 31022(b) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA): Prohibits a manufacturer, distributor, dealer, or motor vehicle repair business from knowingly making inoperative any part of a device or element of design installed on or in a motor vehicle in compliance with an applicable motor vehicle safety standard.

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Myers Tire Supply Introduces Interactive TPMS Education Kit

Myers Tire Supply Distribution Inc. has introduced its Interactive TPMS Education Point of Purchase Kit. This comprehensive package is designed to assist salespeople, service bays, and tire shops in educating the consumer about the various benefits of TPMS and why the TPMS service kit should be replaced anytime the sensor is removed from the wheel. 


The TPMS Education Kit includes a counter top display, 100 consumer brochures, and an informative wall poster. 

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Featured Item: Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System

We are now taking orders for the remarkable new TPMS service tool: Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System

ImageThe Ken-Tool reCore extends the life of broken tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS) when galvanic corrosion has damaged the valve stem and core. TPMS sensors can be repaired on the vehicle without having to dismount the wheel and tire. A time and money saver for both the shop and customer! Essential for any repair bay that services TPMS!

The Ken-Tool reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System includes the following:

  • 12 TPMS reCore Sensor Savers
  • TPMS Valve Core Torque Tool (preset at 4-in-lbs)
  • High Speed Dual Cutter Countersink Drill Bit
  • Precision Tap
  • Tap Holder with T-Handle
  • Bottle Ken-Lok Thread Sealant
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Blow-molded Plastic Storage Case

Click here to purchase the Ken-Tool 29980 reCore TPMS Sensor Saver System Starter Kit (12-Pc)

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Schrader to Increase TPMS Production Capacity

Schrader has invested $10 million into its Spring, Tennessee TPMS production plant. An increase in demand in the TPMS service, repair, and aftermarket has prompted Schrader to engage in the investment. 

The new production line has boosted manufacturing capabilities by 8 million sensors and has created 76 new jobs within the facility. Schrader intends to add another production line by 2014. 

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BMW TPMS Sensors

Do the factory installed TPMS sensors on your BMW need to be replaced? Are you looking to install TPMS sensors in your spare wheel set? TPMSDirect is your #1 source for the latest in BMW TPMS Sensor technology. 

BMW utilizes a Direct tire pressure monitoring system in all of its vehicles. A Direct TPM syste uses tire pressure monitoring sensors installed in each wheel to measure pressure in each of the four tires. Pressure data is then transmitted wirelessly to a central receiver unit. The unit interprets the data and relays the information over to the driver. Modern technology allows TPMS data to be displayed on the vehicle’s on-board computer, with individual pressure readings in each tire. A traditional, more widely used system, simply displays a TPMS warning light (_!_) when the pressure in one or more tires is 25% or more below factory specifications. 

We carry original equipment TPMS sensors produced by leading European TPMS manufacturer Huf / Beru. The following BMW vehicles come factory equipped with Huf / Beru TPMS: 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series, X1, X3, X5, X6, Z Series, Alpina, and all BMW M models.  

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Bartec Launches Consumer TPMS Education Package

Bartec USA, a major player in the tire pressure monitoring system industry, has released a new Consumer TPMS Education Package. This package is designed to help tire dealers and service bays better explain the need for TPMS and the importance of proper TPMS maintenance.


The Consumer TPMS Education Package includes several point of sale materials:

  • Counter Mat
  • Mouse Pad
  • Wall Poster
  • Large Window Banner
  • Two versions of consumer brochures
  • A countertop display
  • A comprehensive reference book

“Bartec’s goal in developing this kit was to build knowledge and confidence and improve on the abilities of technicians and counter people alike. Using this consumer kit in your tire shop or service center will help consumers better understand TPMS and what is required.”

Scot Holloway – CEO of Bartec

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