Original Equipment Manufacturers Choose Direct TPMS

The direct tire pressure monitoring system utilizes wheel mounted sensors that accurately gather pressure and temperature data from the vehicles tires. This data is then interpreted by the vehicles ECU and a potential low tire pressure warning is issued if one or more tires is underinflated by 25% or more. 

The indirect, ABS-based TPM system interprets tire pressure data based on the rotational speed of each tire. 

So why do original equipment manufacturers choose direct TPMS over indirect? Read on…

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TPMS Sensor and Service Kit Replacement

When Should I Replace My TPMS Sensor?

TPMS sensors need to be replaced if the sensor assembly fails or is damaged. Some TPMS sensors are manufactured as one-piece units, with fixed components. If your one-piece TPMS unit appears to be damaged, the entire assembly will need to be replaced, even if the damage is only on the valve stem.

One-piece sensors are slowly being phased out and replaced by TPMS assemblies with removable/replaceable valve stems and service kits.

If your TPMS assembly appears to be damaged, please contact us at customer.service@TPMSDirect.com and we’ll help you determine the correct replacement TPMS sensor or TPMS components for your vehicle.

When Should I Replace My TPMS Service Kit?

The TPMS service kit usually contains the following components: valve core, valve nut, seal, seal washer, and valve cap. The service kit needs to be replaced every time a tire is serviced.

  • Fitting new tires
  • Puncture repairs
  • Changing rims
  • Electronic failure
  • Damage during tire service
  • Damage by road hazards
  • Valve core or nut seizure

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HUF TPMS Sensor Blowout!

We’re offering great deals on the Huf RDE001 (433MHz), RDE008 (433MHz), and RDE011 (433MHz) OE TPMS sensors.

Supplies are limited! Contact us at Wholesale@TPMSDirect.com for more information!

Huf RDE001
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Volkswagen

Huf RDE008
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: BMW, Mini

Huf RDE011 (supersedes the Huf RDE007 and RDE010)
Frequency: 433MHz
Compatible with: Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Volkswagen

All Huf sensors include the GEN 2 RDV021 valve stem and service kit. 

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2013 Schrader EZ-Choice TPMS Roadshow Tour: July 15-August 29

The 2013 Schrader EZ-Choice TPMS Roadshow Tour is set to kick off July 15 in Boston, MA, and conclude August 29 in Winnipeg, MB.


The EZ-Choice Roadshow will travel across North America and feature a training agenda that includes several TPMS retail and service related topics. If your shop plans to incorporate TPMS service/retail into its standard procedures or is looking to gain an edge on the competition, then you won’t want to miss the 2013 Schrader EZ-Choice Roadshow.

For sign up information, dates, locations, and more information, please click here or go to: http://www.tpmsdirect.com/2013_Schrader_EZ-Choice_Roadshow_Schedule_a/814.htm

Bartec Releases TPMS Tool Software Update

Bartec USA has released a software update for its Tech400SD tire pressure monitoring system repair tool. The Release 50 or “R50” update allows the Tech400SD to program aftermarket TPMS sensors. Aftermarket TPMS solutions manufactured by Schrader (EZ-Sensor), Continental (Redi-Sensor), John Dow (DVT Sensor), Orange Electronics, and Alligator can now be programmed by the Tech400SD thanks to the Bartec R50 software update.

The software update also adds OBD relearn coverage for Ford, GM, and Volvo vehicles.

Visit www.BartecUSA.com for more information on the R50 software update.

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2013 Global Tire Expo

The 2013 Global Tire Expo (GTE) is scheduled to held from November 5-8, in Las Vegas, Nevada. A variety of education sessions are to be held with topics including: tire pressure monitoring systems, field repairs, the federal health care bill, and the secrets of successful tire retailing.



For more information on this years Global Tire Expo, please go to: http://www.tpmsdirect.com/2013_Global_Tire_Expo_a/809.htm

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Schrader Announces EZ-Choice TPMS Education Campaign

Schrader has launched its “Make the EZ-Choice” TPMS education campaign. The campaign is aimed at assisting aftermarket automotive channels in a wide range of TPMS related topics. Schrader also plans to embark on a North American road-show to provide hands-on service and sales training for automotive service technicians and sales professionals.

For more information on the Schrader “Make the EZ-Choice” campaign, please click here go to: http://www.tpmsdirect.com/Schrader_Launches_EZ_Choice_TPMS_Campaign_a/807.htm

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